Triple Pane Replacement Windows

For the ultimate in windows for the home, many homeowners are turning to the triple pane window option. The increased popularity of this style of window is due in part to the fact that this is the most energy efficient window choice available on the market. Whether you are designing the home of your dreams or remodeling the one you already have, you may want to consider the triple pane option.

What exactly is a triple pane window?

  • Before triple pane there was the dual and the single pane options. As the name would imply, there are three sections of glass used for each window. In between each pane is a space that is filled with either air or gas. The end result is a thicker and more secure window that provides the homeowners with many benefits.

While the dual pane option vastly improved upon what the single pane window provided for homeowners, the triple pane takes it a step further. If you are considering triple pane replacement windows you are probably going to want to know some more about the potential advantages before investing the money.

Advantages of Triple Pane Windows

It may not come as a surprise, but triple pane windows do come with a higher price point than double pane or single pane windows. Before shelling out the extra cost you should at least know what you can expect from your triple panes in order to make it all worthwhile. More than likely you will find the advantages worth the extra cost.

  • Efficiency – Probably the biggest selling point for the triple pane windows is the fact that they offer the home the ultimate in energy efficiency. When it comes to keeping the temperature inside your home where you want it, nothing performs better than the triple panes of glass paired with air or gas to help make this happen. This also means the outside air is kept from leaking into the home so that you no longer have to suffer huge utility bills to get the desired results. Save on your utility bills and be comfortable inside your home in the winter or the summer. This is especially useful for anyone who lives in a climate with extreme winters or summers.
  • Anti-condensation – Condensation can become a real problem inside the home. Not only is this unsightly when it forms on the windows in your home, but it can wreak havoc. When condensation is allowed to form on a regular basis it can begin to cause problems such as rotting, mildew, mold and warping. Triple pane replacement windows cut down on the likelihood of regular condensation forming and causing damage to your window sills.
  • Soundproof – It may be hard to believe that one extra pane of glass and a little air or gas can make a difference, but it can. When it comes to the sound inside or outside your home the triple pane replacement windows offers the best protection in this area. For one thing, the triple pane window can help reduce outside noise coming inside the home, making it quieter and more peaceful. The reverse is also true, and this type of window will help keep the noise inside the home from reaching the outside world, which means a greater sense of privacy.
  • Better Security – The extra glass means these windows are harder to break through. Whether it’s high speed winds or an intruder, your triple pane windows have a better chance of keeping out what doesn’t belong inside the home. Even vandals have less of a chance of causing damage when it comes to triple panes. On top of that these higher quality windows come complete with better locking mechanisms adding to the heightened level of security.

There are plenty of other reasons why triple pane replacement windows have become such a popular choice for homeowners including the UV ray protection. This extra protection helps prevent fading or cracking that can be caused inside the home due to prolonged exposure to excessive amounts of natural sunlight. The bottom line is that although the upfront investment cost may be higher, for most homeowners it is worth it.

More than likely you will see a return on this investment when it comes to your utility bills alone. In fact many homeowners are making the switch to triple pane replacement windows just to benefit from the savings on heating and cooling. This can be especially beneficial if you live in an area that has extreme winters or summers.