Triple Pane Window Manufacturers

As with anything related to building or improving your home, when it comes to triple pane window companies there are plenty of choices. Often times the brand name does have a lot to do with the cost of the finished product based on the quality the brand offers and the reputation it has earned. Triple pane windows in general are slightly elevated in cost when compared to the other options, which are single or dual pane windows.

To better understand the cost and the companies that offer this type of window, it is a good idea to first understand what exactly the triple pane window is.

  • A triple pane window utilizes a system of three panes of glass separated with space filled by either air or gas. Obviously this method offers benefits that are better than the single or double pane windows.

Considering the Triple Pane Replacement Windows

When it comes to the costs of these types of windows you can expect to pay more, but most homeowners feel it is worth the added cost. Tripling the panes of glass means increasing the amount of protection you have from outside temperatures, making this a super efficient addition to your home and helping reduce your heating and cooling bills. You can also expect to reduce noise, condensation and even increase your security from vandals or high winds. In other words, you may be paying more, but many see this as an investment instead of an expense.

Generally the average cost of triple pane windows is approximately anywhere from 10-25% more than when compared to the average double pane. Some of the pricing depends on the company or manufacturer your windows come from. Some of the most popular triple pane window companies include:

  • Pella
  • Andersen
  • Marvin
  • Loewen
  • Penguin


If there is a brand that you like or usually work with when it comes to doors and windows, more than likely they manufacture triple pane windows as well. Most reputable companies that produce dual pane windows also have expanded to include triple pane windows. More builders are moving towards using these as the standard, and more homeowners are making the switch to triple pane replacement windows.

Other Factors

Aside from brands available for these windows, there are also other features that can impact the price. For one thing the filler used for spacing between the glass panes can make a difference and you can choose between air or two types of gas. Another factor that goes into determining the cost is also the quality and material used for the frame.

If you have companies you prefer to work with, then you are probably already familiar with what you are looking for as far as materials, construction and quality. The main difference will be the initial upfront cost. However, the long term savings that can result from lower utility bills make most buyers feel the extra cost is more than worth the long term savings that comes with installation of the triple pane windows.