Triple Pane Windows Cost

When you are designing your dream home, you may not give much thought to windows, until the topic comes up of course. Or it could be that you are doing some remodeling work on your current dream home and the question of windows comes up leaving you a bit perplexed. Windows are not generally one of those items on the home people dream about or drool over in a catalog yet they are an important part of the home.

In fact, the right window choice can end up helping you save a great deal of money in the long run on your heating and cooling utility bills. The most popular choice on the market right now is the triple pane window, but it leaves people wondering why it comes with a higher price tag. All it takes is a quick comparison to the other types of windows available to find out why the price is right for this choice.

Why the Extra Cost?

Triple pane windows mean that there are three panes of glass in each window paired with a spacing of either air or gas. Obviously this makes it even more efficient than a double pane and greatly improved over the single pane choice. For that reason alone you can expect that you get better quality for the price that comes with it. Aside from that here are a few reasons triple pane windows cost more:

  • Energy efficiency is obviously the most important reason to consider making a switch like this. This can be especially true in areas where you have extreme winters or summers or even severe changes from one part of the day to the next, such as deserts. Triple pane windows help keep the temperature inside the home unaffected by the outside while keeping your utility bill reduced.
  • Some homeowners notice a considerable difference when it comes to noise reduction for the triple pane windows. Keeping the street noise outside and adding privacy to the noise inside the home is important, and adding that third pane of glass seems to help.
  • Triple panes are also more difficult to break, which means high winds, burglars or vandals can all be protected against with these windows. Even the locks are generally of a higher quality, which means you can feel safer on the other side of your new triple pane replacement windows.

What’s the Cost?

Exactly what you will pay depends largely on the brand you go with as well as the materials and quality. However to give a rough estimate of what you can expect, the triple pane windows cost to be is somewhere between 10 – 25% more than your average dual pane windows. While you will have to invest more in the upfront cost to add these triple pane replacement windows to your home, the savings come in the long run.

By reducing your heating and cooling bills, you can see the initial cost for this style of window as a long term investment. This is especially true as it will increase the resale value of your home.