Triple Pane Windows

The rise in popularity of the triple pane window is due to homeowners coming to realize the benefits of this type of window. If you are new to triple pane windows you may be visiting this site to simply find out more information about these windows as well as get an understanding of the price. Everyone from professional contractors to do it yourself project lovers have come to find out more about triple panes.

So if you are not yet familiar with a triple pane window, it is important to know this is a system that involves the glazing in a window. The final result is airspace that falls between the middle as well as inside and outside panes of glass, although a gas is sometimes used in place of air. More than likely you have already heard of a standard single pane or the double pane of glass. The triple pane is simply the next step up.

What There Is to Know

If you are curious about triple pane windows, you can find about more about what they are and why they have become so popular. It is actually a good idea to learn more about this before finding out the prices for this home building or remodeling material. By understanding the benefits or advantages, you can also better understand the reason behind the pricing.

Here are some things you should know about a triple pane window:

  • Aside from air, gas is sometimes used between the middle and interior and exterior glass panes. The two gases commonly used are argon or krypton.
  • As you may have already guessed, triple pane windows are superior when it comes to energy efficiency. One of the main reasons these types of windows have become so popular is the ability to help vastly reduce heating and cooling utility bills.
  • Part of the reason triple panes are so popular for energy efficient homes is that this method of window helps keep the temperature inside at the desired level by also keeping the air outside from seeping in. This approach keeps you home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Although the cost for these windows is greater than single or double pane, most homeowners feel the level of comfort and lowered utility bills are worth it.
  • Triple the glass means increased noise reduction. Though it may not be by very much, triple pane windows help cut down on the amount of outside noise filtering in when compared to dingle or even double pane windows. The reverse is also true, so these windows help noise from within your home not be heard, offering you much more privacy.
  • Better quality windows such as the triple pane also mean less chance if any for condensation. For many homeowners, this alone is a benefit worth paying the extra price for as condensation can be messy as well as lead to problems including warping and rotting of the window frame or windowsill.
  • Most commonly people who reside in colder climates with longer winters and harsher conditions benefit the most from triple pane windows. Whether you are designing your dream home or are ready to upgrade to a better quality for your already existing home, triple pane could serve you well regardless of the climate where you live.

More to Love

When the double pane was introduced, it began to quickly replace the use of the single pane. With the introduction of triple pane windows you can really see why builders and homeowners are making the switch. Estimates claim that lower grade windows that are not triple pane could add on up to 70% of the cost you see each month on your heating and cooling bill.

Before pricing your triple pane windows, though, there are still a few other things you may want to know about them:

  • Keep in mind that the added pane of glass does make this type of window heavier. You need to ensure that the rest of your building plans work around that fact. So plan accordingly before ordering your triple panes.
  • What goes into determining the cost of the window is very often based on the quality of the frame more so than the glass. The higher the quality of sturdy frame the more you may be looking to pay, but the end result may be worth it. Because these windows weigh more it is important to invest in sturdy, high quality frames.
  • Some homeowners also prefer to install triple pane windows because it also offers extra protection. This extra layer of glass insulation is just enough added protection to make it less likely for thieves or vandals to break in or cause damage. In fact, many alarm system companies prefer working with homes that already have triple pane windows installed.

What about Pricing?

When it comes to finally looking at the various prices available for different styles of triple pane windows, you may be wondering what factors influence the price. The most obvious factor that determines the price is usually the brand name. Certain brand names have just gained enough respect from offering high quality products over the years to deserve a higher price point.

Aside from that the quality of glass and material and quality of the frame is what influences the cost. Even whether air or gas is used for space between panes can have an effect on the overall final price. The bottom line is to keep in mind that the initial upfront cost can be higher than purchasing single or double pane windows, but the return is in the long run with lower utility bills.

If you are planning your home building designs, you can budget for triple pane windows and expect to see a good return from the cut in utilities or the asking price when you list it for sale. For those who are remodeling and installing triple panes, you will love the lower heating and cooling bills, lack of condensation and heightened level of security.